We get you back on the road!

There is no such thing as impossible!
Every human being and therefore every handicap is different. Each vehicle conversion is thus customised according to your requirements.
For us, meeting the customer’s needs is the most important part of our job. We will find the right solution for every type of limited mobility. To get our customers with all types of disabilities back on the road, and to enable them to experience the maximum driving pleasure and to have a high degree of mobility, we even come up with the most unusual solutions.

"I've already made more than 5,500 people get back on the road. I gave these people a higher quality of life and joie de vivre. "

Wilhelm Költgen, owner of the company, made his hobby to become his job more than 30 years ago. Being a passionate biker and being affected by the absence of his right hand at the same time, he can especially emphasise with his customers and their individual needs.

In the last couple of years, we did not only rebuild motorcycles and cars. We converted caravans, wheel loaders, quads, vans, tractors and tanks, and adapted them to the needs of our customers.

Specifically designed for people with paraplegia or amputations, we develop e.g. the F.B.S. (Feetless Biking System). This system provides you unlimited driving pleasure through an adaptive support bogie. It can be switched on or off during the drive; while driving slowely, as well as when the motorbike stops, to ensure a safe foothold at any time.

Our activities are divided into the following areas:

umrüstung fahrzeugConversion of cars & other vehicles
We will find the right solution for every mobility limitation


umrüstung motorradConversion of motorcycles
Tailored and technically sophisticated & customised production


motorradwerkstatt krefeldMotorcycle workshop
We are well positioned across all brands


reisemobil zubehörCaravans
Comfortable traveling


fahrrad behindertengerechtBicycles
Customisations according to your needs