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In 1999 we developed the F.B.S. (Feetless Biking System) specifically for people with paraplegia or bilateral amputations. The adaptive support bogie can be switched on and off through pressing a button and therefore ensures a safe standing while driving slowely or stopping the vehicle. This system hence offers unlimited driving pleasure.

The high demands we set ourselves can be seen in the smallest detail. Through the use of advanced design programms it is possible to adapt the F.B.S. to all popular motorcycle types. The premium manufacturing quality of all individual system components is as self-evident as the flawless finish.

All individual items have been tested and certified by the TÜV Rheinland for their durability, reliability and functionality. Together with our driving schools we carry out a tailored driving training for anyone interested. Every participant then receives individual instructions in the handling of the F.B.S. to guarantee maximum safety in everyday use. As a matter of course, the individual and detailed briefings for all converted systems are part of our service.

Our driving instructures take care you familiarise with all systems. Conveying 1st hand experiences therefore guarantees maximum safety in your everyday use.

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