Handicap at leg & foot

HIBA - hand integral braking system

Umbau für Beinamputation

Our specifically developed hand integral braking systems (HIBA) offer the highest degree of deceleration. The dual operation of this system is therefore very important for us. Additionally, a big advantage is that you are free to chose any vehicle.

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Pneumatic gear and brake systems

elektromagnetisches Schaltsystem
BMW Umrüstung
pneumatischer Bremszylinder
Lenkereinheit Einschränkung Fuß
Lenkereinheit Handicap Fuß

Proportional valve
This pneumatic brake valve regulates the existing brake pedal (with pressure vessel). This system therefore enables you to activate the entire brake system, as well as the rear brake individually. The original brake system is retained in its function. Hence, it is possible for people without disabilities to drive this motorcycle easily.

Foot switch
To handle the foot switch we use our pneumatic system. A pneumatic cylinder, positioned discreetly, transfers the logic of the handlebar to the shift lever. Even in this case the original usability of the system is retained. We offer both electro-pneumatic control systems (e.g. if you have a femoral amputation), even though we advise to install the automated side stand, and electro-magnetic switching systems (e.g. if you have a lower leg amputation or foot paralysis).

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