Handicap at 
arm & hand

· Paralysis
· Amputations

Handicap at
leg & foot

· Paralysis
· Amputations


· (halflateral) paralysis
· MS
· Stroke




Experience F.B.S.

Feetless Biking System
Motorrad fahren Querschnittslähmung

Our Feetless Biking System (F.B.S.) allows people suffering from paraplegia to drive a single-track vehicle. Additionally, people of small stature, people with MS or people with double-sided leg amputations can enjoy the dynamic world of motorcycling. Generally speaking, it is possible to equip all motorcycles with the F.B.S., if the construction-dependent stability is suitable.

On request, we will check the suitability of your (desired) motorcycle. There are existing reports for all BMW R-Models, Harley Davidson, Yamaha and Triumph-Models. The F.B.S. masters the restract and extend sequence of the active support bogie in just 1 second, and therefore ensures safe standing at any time. In combination with our speficially developed dual hand integral braking system (HIBA) and the electro-pneumatic circuit with electronic idling determination, limitless motorcycling is possible. The vehicle is hence completely controllable through the control elements of the handlebar. Base plates, which prevent your legs from slipping, can be disassembled, if necessary, so it is possible for people without disabilities to drive the motorcycle. We offer regular test drives to all interested parties. During these test drives you can experience the easy and safe handling of the F.B.S.

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Conversion of a BMW R1200 GS
for arm and hand constraints

Umbau Motorrad für Handeinschränkungen
Motorradumbau für Armeinschränkungen
Motorradumrüstung körperliche Einschränkung

This vehicle has been equipped with a dual handlebar control system. All control panels on the right side can be operated additionally with the left hand. Throttle control, dimmed headlights, high beam and electric starter can be used from the left and the right side through an integrated switch unit. This vehicle can therefore be used by non-disabled persons. The integral dual brake system was modified specifically for foot operation.

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Conversion of a Kawasaki ER 6
for a right-sided leg amputation

pneumatische Handbremse
Umbau für Beinamputation

This vehicle has been equipped with a pneumatic hand integral braking system (HIBA), that was specially designed for this vehicle. A special feature of this system is that the brake can be fully activated by switching a single lever. Additionally, it is possible to trigger the rear braking system separately. Upon customer request we furthermore installed our electro-pneumatic circuit system. It is therefore not necessary to put down your leg prosthesis, if you have to switch gears while standing. Just press one single button.

Full equipment: electro-pneumatic side stand (retractable and extendable), electro-pneumatic circuit with electronic idling finder, proportional valve for dual braking system (optional available as single brake)

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