Handicap at leg & foot

Multifunction steering wheel knobs

The logical layout of pushbuttons allows an intuitive operation of the device with the thumb, without the necessity to take the eyes off the road, and thus not being distracted from traffic.

· All MFD (multifunction steering wheel knobs) versions can be plugged onto the
  Multima 2
· The pushbuttons can be adjusted as a remote control unit in the operating handle of
  Multima 3 (optional)
· Used from the front, high-quality quick-release axle with sinter bronze bush bearing
  and soft foamed receptacle clip on the steering wheel
· Through the unique & ergonomically optimised shape, the MFDs have the right feel,
  supported by a non-slip surface
· The multifunction steering knobs are adaptable (hand length and size) through
  spacer rings
· Of course also available in the original design of your car; either the original leather
  of your car’s interior or lacquered in the desired colour
· Optionally, other functions such as fog lights, hazard warning lights and window
  openers can be controlled by the steering wheel knob
· Suitable for right and left handers
· The funitions of the original switchs remain

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MFD Touch

Handbediengeräte MFD Touch

The multifunction steering wheel knob TOUCH offers a newly developed, ergonomic keypad with large pushbuttons for safe and easy handling. The innovative designed MFD TOUCH fits perfectly into any vehicle cockpit and provides optimal safety.

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The SmartSteer has been designed so that all functions remain accessible during any steering wheel position. The pushbuttons are easy to operate with minimum physical effort. The ergonomic shape allows both the active operation and the use in a comfort position. The display pushbuttons can be lit by pushing a specific button, in to use the SmartSteer in the dark. If the SmartSteer is not in use, it can be removed easily through a quick-release button. Thus, the functions of a normal steering wheel are available again.


Lenkok Handbediengerät

This new steering wheel button combines the functions of a knob with those of a remote control: turn signal, horn, light, wiper, etc.
can be operated without letting go of the steering wheel. Through the clearly arranged pushbuttons a mix-up of functions is nearly impossible. Even when driving in the dark, the different-shaped buttons facilitate the respective choice of functions.

The LENKOK is based on a tested technique of infrared transmission signals. The button can therefore be retrofit in any existing system.

Multima 3

Mutlima 3 Handbediengerät Gas und Bremse

The illustrated manual control unit Type Multima 3 is suitable for people without leg functions. This highly efficient operating unit is characterised by high reliability. The usability of the existing pedals is not affected!

· Press = decelerate
· Pressure movement of ergonomic keypad = acceleration
· Additionally, a multifunction knob can be installed

The advantages of Multima 3
· Completely new design, about 30% smaller than comparable devices
· Ergonomic handle with perfect power transmission
· Close to your wrist
· Quality foamed handle, pleasant feel
· Suitable for many quadriplegics; no encompassing with left during gear change necessary
· Telescopic basic unit
· Multifunction knob - compatible, e.g. for electric secondary functions
· Unique, integrated brake lock
· Ideal dosed braking lock
· Brake linkage decoupled; during foot control by non-disabled drivers, the Multima 3
  remains unmoved
· Slim, customised facing

Classic II

The handheld operating device CLASSIC II enables you to operate gas & brake in every verhicle, using the push & pull principle.

· Angle of handle position is individually adjustable
· More legroom and a greater range to adjust your seat

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Compact II

Handbediengerät Gas und Bremse Compact II
Gas und Bremse Handbediengerät Compact II

Using the push & pull principle, gas and brake can be operated.

· Easy to fold when not in use through a locking lever
· Secondary functions such as e.g. turn signals, horn, wiper

BG right

BG rechts Handbediengerät Gas und Bremse

This highly efficient operating device (picture shows "BG left", can be ordered as “BG right”), is characterised by a high reliability. The operability of the existing pedals is not affected!

Electric gas ring with handbrake

elektrischer Gasring mit Handbremse
Handbediengerät Gas und Bremse
Handbediengerät Gasring

The electric gas ring provides people with an impairment of one or both legs the option to use the brake and/or the gas by hand. It can be installed either in front or behind the steering wheel.

The driver accelerates by applying slight pressure to the ring using the thumb or the palm. The gas ring is positioned behind or in front of the steering wheel, so that both hands can remain on the steering wheel, and so that other functions such as lights or wiper can be used normally. If this system is installed, a steering wheel knob is not necessary.

Since brake and gas lever are separated from each other electronically, it is not possible to use the brake and the gas at the same time. In order to accelerate you have to let go of the brake lever. When deccelerating, the electric gas turns off.

The pedals remain usable. The system is activated by pressing a button before departure and switches off automatically when the ignition is off.

Two driving arrangements:
· Conventional: with the gas pedal
· Manually: with the gas ring

· • Comfortable operating device for gas and brake
· Both hands remain on the steering wheel
· Accidental contact of the original pedals is not possible, as a pedal cover is installed
· Original pedal does not work when driving with the gas ring

Hand accelerator lever

Handgashebel Sojadis
Handgashebel Handbediengerät für Gas und Bremse

The hand gas lever can be operated simultaneously from the right and the left side, and is electronically reversible to the existing accelerator pedal operated by foot. Triggering the original accelerator pedal by accident is not possible.

· 2 driving arrangements: conventional or manually
· Automatic shutdown of the hand gas lever as soon as the brake is activated


SmartBrake Bever
Handbediengerät Bever
Smartbrake Handbediengerät Gas und Bremse

When the lever is moved backwards, the vehicle is accelerating; if the lever is moved forwards, the vehicle slows down.

· Easy to use through carriage guidance
· Minimum physical effort necessary
· Additional functions can be installed

Steering wheel brake

Lenkradbremse Sojadis
Handbediengerät Sojadis Gas und Bremse

Brakes through horizontal operation. The wheel brake can be arranged either on the left or on the right side of the steering wheel.

· The original brake can still be used

Left gas

Fußbediengeräte Linksgas elektrisch

The various foot operated gas models strongly depend on the type of vehicle (only for cars with automatic transmission) and they are tailored to your needs. The original accelerator pedal can be used further on by drivers without handicap. We are happy to advise you on the feasible possibilities for your vehicle.

Fußbediengerät Linksgas elektrisch umschaltbar


Left gas electronically reversible

The left gas and the original pedal are connected through security electronics. Switching the pedals while driving is therefore not possible. The inactive pedal can be disengaged in order to fully utilise the available space. Ideal if drivers change frequently.

Fußbediengerät Linksgas mechanisch


Left gas mechanically

The function of the original accelerator pedal is being transferred to a second pedal on the left. The original pedal is covered with a prosthetic support. The device can easily be removed and plugged in again.

Changeable foot gas

Fußgas umsteckbar Fußbediengerät
Fußbediengerät umsteckbar Fußgas

The original accelerator pedal will be removed. Through a bayonet catch the new gas pedal can be pluged in either on the right or the left side.

· Easy folding when not in use to prevent unintentional triggering
· More legroom as the original pedal is out of the way

Pedal cover

Pedalabdeckung Gas und Bremse
Fußabdeckung Gas- und Bremsepedal

This is an important security element to prevent the unintentional triggering of the pedals. Available for the accelerator pedal or both gas- and brake pedals.
NEW Now also available as a complete cover that covers the entre width of the footwell.

· Effortless and quick installation & removal without any tools
· No interference with the original pedals when they are not in use

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